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Restaurants Reviews in Southern Utah

Featured St. George Restaurants

The Painted Pony

Looking for fine dining in St. George? The Painted Pony is a locally owned and operated restaurant with excellent food, atmosphere, and presentation. The Painted Pony review includes information on restaurant location, service, menu, pricing, and more. >> Read More

More Reviews For St. George Restaurants

Cafe Rio

Looking for mexican food in St. George? Cafe Rio is a local favorite for Mexican cuisine, where you can watch your food be prepared right in front of you. The Cafe Rio chain was founded right here in St. George Utah. Read this Cafe Rio review for information on menu, location, pricing, service.>> Read More

Pasta Factory

Are you looking for an Italian Restaurant in St. George? The Pasta Factory is a locally owned and operated Italian restaurant, and is a favorite hot spot for local residents. This Pasta Factory review includes information on location, menu, service, pricing, and more. >> Read More

Bear Paw Cafe

Looking for a unique breakfast or lunch spot in St. George? The Bear Paw is a locally owned and operated restaurant, and a favorite of St George residents. This Bear Paw Cafe review offers information on location, menu, atmosphere, pricing, service, and more. >> Read More

Outback Steakhouse

Are you looking for places to eat in Southern Utah? Craving fresh hot off the grill fish, chicken, or steak? The Outback Steakhouse chain is well known for their quality food. The Outback Steakhouse in St. George offers this same quality menu, food, and service. >> Read More

Pizza Factory

There are plenty of restaurants and dining options in the St. George area. Pizza Factory is locally owned and operated, and definitely one of the local favorites. If you are looking for a great salad bar, soup, or pizza you may want to read this Pizza Factory review.>> Read More


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