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The St. George Temple

The St. George Temple is a historic landmark owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also referred to as the LDS temple. The temple offers a visitors center which is open to the public. Keep reading for temple history, construction, and visitor information.

The St. George temple is located on a city block in the St. George historic district at 250 East 400 South. A truly striking white monument among red sandstone, the building stands as a historic landmark for the city, and a symbol for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As the oldest operating temple of the church, a rich and intriguing history surrounds the construction of this 110,000 square feet of marvel. A public visitor's center, serves as a popular attraction for locals and those from out of town to learn about this history, discover its purpose, and develop an appreciation for the effort that went into a project of such magnitude.

Construction for the St. George temple began in 1871, when the site was dedicated by Brigham Young. A foundation had to be built on the swampy grounds by packing volcanic rock using a cannon as a pile driver. Then, the walls were erected using native red sandstone quarried north of the city. Battlements that surround the building once acted as chimneys for rooms that lodged traveling guests. Many of the original tools used for construction are on display at the visitor's center, where volunteers gladly share stories about the efforts that went into building this monument.

The private dedication of the St. George temple took place in 1877, a little over 5 years after construction had started. At this time, the building began to operate as a sacred house of worship, where members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints would go to perform ordinances that pertain to worshiping God and joining families together for eternity. At one point in time, the tower of the temple was stuck by lighting and severely damages, but later, was rebuilt to be taller and more majestic than before. The temple has also undergone two major renovations during its time, and is still actively used for its intended purposes, today.

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