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Historic St. George

Looking for a little history on the Southern Utah area? St. George and the surrounding areas are filled with a rich history that is fascinating for all ages. Be sure to enjoy some of the areas most loved historic sites. Keep reading for ideas of where to find more history.

St. George LDS Temple - The St. George Temple can be found at 250 East 400 South in St. George. This is the oldest operating temple in the LDS church. The site was dedicated in 1871 by Brigham Young and then the temple was privately dedicated on January 1, 1877 by Erastus Snow. It was also rededicated in 1975 by Spencer W. Kimball. The temple has a visitor's center which is open to the public. The visitor's center is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm. The temple itself is not open to general public but the visitor's center offers a great experience.

Ancestor Square - This great plaza incorporates 12 different buildings. Some of which are in the historic registry, this includes an old jailhouse. Ancestor Square is full of unique shops, wonderful restaurants and business locations. Located right downtown in St. George at the corner of Main Street and St. George Boulevard.

Pine Valley Church - This charming church was built in 1868 and is still used as a chapel for the LDS church. The church was designed by a shipbuilder from New England and resembles churches that would have been found in New England so the residents at the time felt very at home. Admission is free and the chapel has seasonal hours. For more information please call 435-673-5181.

Silver Reef Ghost Town - This great ghost town has a rich history. Some facts are not known for sure as the story changes depending on who tells it. However around 1870 this town came to be and mining was started in about 1876. Credit for the beginning of the mining is given to a man by the name of William Barbee. You will still find a Wells Fargo Express Office, a bank, and the old mine among other historic buildings.

Jacob Hamblin Home - Located in Santa Clara, this is the home of pioneer Jacob Hamblin. He was known for his relationship with the Native American's in the area. Hamblin promoted peace between pioneers and the American Indians. He is credited for the negotiation of the Treaty of Fort Defiance, New Mexico, in 1870. This treaty helped keep peace between the parties. It is fun for visitors to take tours of the house and orchard. Tours are free and given daily (except for some holidays) from 10 am to 7 pm. For more information please call 435-673-5181.

Brigham Young Home - This was the winter home of LDS prophet Brigham Young. The home is located at 67 West 200 North in St. George. Tours of the home with great information are given daily from 10 am to 7 pm. For more information including holiday closures please call 435-673-5181. Visitors will love learning about this leader and the way he and his family lived in the home during the last winters of his life.

LDS Tabernacle - Located on the corner of Tabernacle Street and Main Street in St. George. Tours of this great pioneer building are given daily from 10 am to 5 pm for free. While visiting you can hear great stories about the “glass and why the balcony had to be moved”. Because the building seats 1,200 people, it is where a majority of the towns meetings were held. The tabernacle was restored in 1993. For more information including concert information please call 435-673-5181.

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