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Southern Utah Jobs

If you are moving to St. George, Utah, or the surrounding area,  we have resources to assist you in finding work in southern Utah. This Southern Utah Jobs article offers information on employers in Southern Utah, workforce services, job boards, online jobs and more.

There are numerous opportunities for employment in Southern Utah. The rate of unemployment in the state has stayed consistently lower than that of the national average. However, with todays competitive job markets, finding the right job means knowing where to look. Many companies and organizations in Southern Utah serve as major employers for local communities. Plus, some useful resources are available to assist job seekers in finding opportunities for potential work.

The largest Employers of Southern Utah

The Washington County School District and Intermountain Health Care are the two largest employers in Washington County, employing between 2,000 and 2,900 individuals. Wal-Mart, with several local department stores and a large distribution center is the 3rd largest, employing between 1,000-1,900 workers. The St. George City, Dixie State College, and SkyWest Airlines also provide a number of jobs for the county, with between 500-999 staff members each. In addition, many industries in the area create numerous job opportunities, including federal and local government, building and construction, residential care, spa, grocery, trucking, and more.

Department of Workforce Services

A state funded project, the Department of Workforce Services provides free employment and support services to help people improve their economic opportunities. Job seekers can register online at jobs.utah.gov, or visit the Washington County branch in St. George.

A large number of Southern Utah employers regularly post job listings with the Department of WorkForce Services, where an electronic job board can be accessed online that provides up to the minute information about potential employments opportunities. You can even follow the job board on Twitter and receive instant notifications about new listings.

In addition, the Department of Workforce Services is a great connection for useful resources that will help you be competitive when searching for work. They provide information about job fairs, tools for exploring various types of occupations, and a career guide that helps individuals choose a career that is best suited for their personality and skills. Plus, they run workshops and offer advise about how to improve your resume and interview skills to stand out among your competition. Some people may even quality for paid training services, including formal classroom or on-the-job education.

Online Classifieds

SouthernUtahHelpWanted.com is an online resource that allows you to post your resume on the internet and search local job listings by county. The site is free and easy to navigate. Plus, it provides some complimentary career assessment tools that can help you understand yourself better, and narrow down your best career choices.

Careerbuilder.com is another great online resource for finding local job listings. It is the program used by The Spectrum, St. George's long running newspaper. Careerbuilder.com contains the best jobs from The Spectum's classifieds, plus, includes job listings from career sites nationwide. They also provide real time job alerts, so you can stay on top of new opportunities.

Southern Utah has some highly useful resources for assisting people within the community. The ability to successfully find and secure employment is promising, when using the right search tools. Plus, there are a number of thriving industries in the area that provide numerous opportunities for gainful employment.

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