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St. George Airport – SGU

While residents enjoy a great community atmosphere we also get the perks of all that a large city has to offer. One of these benefits is a convenient airport. This St. George Airport (SGU) article reviews not only the current St. George Airport but also what will be the NEW St. George Airport.

St. George Airport is currently located on the Black Hill that runs parallel to Bluff Street. This provides easy access to I-15 to get you where you need to be. The airport has rental car options right inside of the main airport area. There are food options for those that may have delayed flights or just need some food on the go. For those flying in or out you will enjoy breathtaking views of our spectacular scenery as you take off and land in this beautiful city.

SkyWest Airlines is an independently owned airline that is based in St. George, Utah. They now employ more than 11,000 employees and offer flights to 159 cities in 39 states. There are also flights to 6 Canadian Provinces. Because SkyWest partners with United Express, Delta Connection, AirTran Airways there are 1,800 flights per day offered to passengers.

SkyWest Airlines has been given many awards for being the nations “number one on-time mainland airline”. These awards were given by the Department of Transportation. This assures you that wherever you are going you can rest assured that SkyWest will do their best to get you there in a timely manner.

St. George City is building a new municipal airport to serve our residents and guests in the area. This new airport is scheduled to be complete in January 2011 after two decades of planning. The new location will be five times as large as the current air field and will have the ability to serve jet aircraft.

This new airport is just five miles southeast of the downtown area of St. George. New roads have been provided to give easy access to the airport. This new facility will allow more flights to more destinations which is very exciting. This will also enable visitors to more readily fly directly into St. George for events such as the Huntsman World Senior Games.

The new airport has and will continue to provide employment opportunities for our residents. Land surrounding the new airport will be developed in time and will help to spur on the economic growth of our area.

According the the St. George City website the funding for this great new airport comes from the following (information taken directly from sgucontructon.com):

  • $123 million is being funded by the FAA.
  • $37 million is being funded from local sources including sale of the existing airport property as well as well as miscellaneous city and county revenues.
  • No property taxes, income or sales tax is anticipated to be used for the City's local share of the cost of this new airport.

A few interesting facts about the new airport include:

  • A landing strip of 1.8 miles which is expandable.
  • Two full length taxiways are included.
  • Every FAA safety requirement will be met.
  • Aircraft such as 737's and Airbus 319s will have access.
  • A totally new and modern terminal will be in place.
  • The total cost of the new airport is $160 million.
  • The airport will have its own fueling facilities.

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