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St. George Real Estate

St. George Real Estate

Anita Kay
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Get a list of homes in your price range and MLS updates by email. Request a relocation package or info on the southern Utah region and St. George, Utah real estate market.

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Real Estate Glossary Term O – St. George Utah Real Estate

Open listing: A contract under which the broker is commissioned to find a buyer before the property is sold by the seller or another competing broker

Option: The agreement to keep an offer to purchase or lease open for a specific period of time

Option listing: An agreement by which the broker advertising the property has the right to purchase the listed property himself

Origination fee: A fee paid to the lender for processing a loan application

Owner financing: A property transaction for which the seller provides all or part of the financing to the buyer

Owner's Title Insurance: A policy insuring the full purchase price of a piece of property for the buyer, usually including adjustments for inflation each year up to a maximum of 150% of the original policy amount, the premium for which is payable at the time of closing


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