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Buying Through a Realtor

Whether you are considering buying a home, business, or other property deciding to use a realtor is a wise choice for a number of reasons. This article offers tips on choosing a realtor and the benefits gained by buying through a realtor.
Buyer Tip - General Information:

Connect with a Realtor, someone you can trust and with whom you can communicate.  Ask them questions of all kinds until you are totally comfortable with and about this person.

Be willing to sign a Buyer/Broker Agreement so your agent will know that you are not wasting their time.  Work with only one Realtor at a time.  

Expect your Realtor to be willing to provide education on market conditions.

Allow your Realtor to be involved in getting you preapproved for financing prior to looking at properties.  If you should find the right property you will be ready to make a viable offer immediately.  Bank Owned and Short Sales require preapproval letters with the offer.

Plan to obtain your financing from a “local” source - it will save much of the frustration that can accompany the process of getting your loan.  Expect your Realtor to recommend at least 2 or 3 good lenders.

Become educated about all the costs involved in purchasing a home, particularly if financing is needed.  A good Realtor can be very helpful in this area as well as the lender.

Be honest about what your “comfort zone” is regarding monthly payment, regardless of what you can actually afford.  A successful purchase is only successful if you are comfortable with your obligation for years after.

Obtain a Home Inspection when you identify the home you want. 

Unless you are trying to offer too little on the home, request the Seller furnish a one year Home Warranty including the AC.   

Be reasonable about your expectations - we all want 100% of what we want, but finding 80% of what we want would be more realistic.

When you find the right home, have your Realtor show you the recent sold comparables, so that you offer the right price - negotiating is part of purchasing a home, but insulting a seller will end negotiations before they get started.

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