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Real Estate Tips for Sellers

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How to Sell Your Home Quick

Selling your home, or other real estate properties, quickly often depends on finding the best realtor and following the advice of that realtor. If you are considering selling your home or property keep reading. This article contains real estate tips for sellers on how to sell your home quick.

Seller Tips:

Hire a competent Realtor:

  How long in the business.  You want an experienced person representing  you.

  Realtor Designations obtained.  (Translation - additional education)

  Works at Real Estate full time.

  Accessible,  someone who is available within a reasonable time after you call.  Discuss how often the Realtor will make progress reports to you.

  Knowledgeable about the area.

  Willing to help you stage your home for making the best possible impression.

  Ability to market your home on the internet to best advantage.

  Marketing experience in other mediums.

  Willing to discuss open house options - pros and cons -  open to your ideas.

  Provides market information so as to help set a reasonable list price, yet obtain the highest possible price for the property.

Follow the advice of the Realtor you hire:

  Stage the home according to advice given whenever possible.   Be prepared to store things that the Realtor may feel detracts from the most desirable appearance of any room.  Repair or replace broken appliances, light fixtures, etc.

  Allow a yard sign.

  Allow a lock box to make it easy for other Realtors to show your property.

  Put your valuables away.  Remove all personal items from counters and refrigerator. 

  Make it easy for Realtors to make appointments to bring buyers into your home.

  If at all possible leave the home while it is being shown.

  Keep the home as spotless as possible - buyers are attracted to “model” condition where cleanliness is concerned.

  Groom the yard and walks on a regular basis so they look as presentable as the interior of the home.

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