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Pine Valley Campground Review

Pine Valley Campground is a short scenic drive from St. George.  If you are interested in camping, hiking, picnics, fishing, or day trips while in Southern Utah, Pine Valley offers all of this and more. This Pine Valley Campground review has information on tent camping, picnic areas, and more.

Nestled in on the west side of the Pine Valley Mountain range are five campgrounds. These are all part of the Dixie National Forest and services are provided by Scenic Canyons Recreational Services, Inc. The campgrounds include Mitt Moody Campground, Upper Pines, Dean Gardener, South Juniper and Pine Valley Equestrian. Reservations can be made on the Mitt Moody camp sites but the others are first come first serve and tend to fill up fast on weekends.

Camp site fees are $12 per night for a regular site and $30 for group sites. Regular camp sites are limited to one car and there is a $5 fee per day for each extra vehicle. There are many group sites and each one has it's own limitation on parking so be sure to find a camp host to find out the details.

This campground, picnic and recreation site is absolutely gorgeous and a hot spot for locals. Just about a half hours drive north of St. George, this provides a quick get away and provides a wonderful cooler climate during the summer months.

With so many camp sites right along the river there is a lot of fun to be had. Those who enjoy fishing can do so. Kids and adults alike love to play in the water and hike the trails. All camp sites enjoy running water just a short walk away and there are bathrooms and trash dumpsters for your convenience.

The park is currently undergoing major renovations. Many older campsites are being shut down in the year to come and being replaced by newer facilities. The new camp sites, as found in the Dean Gardener Campground, are very nice with great table, fire pits with grate, a platform for cook stoves and pads for your tents. The forest provides ample shade in most camp sites and for those that are not covered all the time they are only exposed to full sun for a short span through the day.

The park is just a mile or so from the Brandin' Iron restaurant which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also a small cafe and mercantile (which has just about anything you could need but may have forgotten). If you need ice you just come into Pine Valley and you can get some at the Brandin' Iron, the cafe or at the historic center just down the road.

For those with horses you can bring your own and stay at the equestrian center and enjoy riding through the forest. This is a lovely area to be seen on horseback!

The park is open on the following dates:

Campgrounds - May 1st to September 26th

Group Sites - May 1st to September 26th

Equestrian - May 1st to October 10th

Honeycomb Rocks picnic area - May 1st to October 10th

For more information on this park please call 435-245-6521. Or you can reserve a site by visiting their site.

Location/Contact Info
Address: Pine Valley Mountains
Pine Valley, Utah 84781
Phone:(877) 444-6777

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